Sunday, February 11, 2007

This man shut down the Lola Ray blog with sure wit and intelligence

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Yes, it has been a good week since we last updated our blog but it is for good reason. This man pictured above, with a heart of gold and goggles for anal diving, shut the whole thing down with one brilliant blog post last week. So mighty were his words and his diction that we all stopped and paused for a week long gasp in recognition of his mighty skills. But, alas, we are back in business now and I can promise more great posts from Lola Ray's newest literary shining star Mr. Beck

We are all gearing up for our big West Coast Headlining Tour which starts next week. We have packed and re packed our luggage, washed and un washed the van, stocked up on snacks and consumed them already. It has been a while since we hit the road and we are just gearing up for the tour-a-thon that 2007 is going to be. Our new bass player is incredible and we have been putting him through touring boot camp the last couple of days. We set up an obstacle course that included challenges in van maintenance, obsessive trailer packing and high octane soda consumption. He passed with flying colors and also found time to learn about 11 songs from the Lola Ray back catalogue as well. The full list of dates is posted below for you to mull over and plan for.

On a side note, the response we have gotten for this tour has been unbelievable and we just want to thank everyone in advance for their kind words of encouragement and enthusiasm. It is no surprise, hopefully, that Lola Ray is a band that relies 100% on support from our fans. We are not a band that will be forced down your throat with high powered myspace marketing teams armed with colorful graphics and nonsense promotions. We are a band that simply asks that if you love our band like we do, please tell all your friends about us and encourage them to come out to shows with you. That is how we like to do it in Lola Ray. in this day and age you have so much nonsense jammed down your throat and we simply want to be like a small dainty altoid, curiously strong and hard to forget. That altoid analogy was weak...I know...I am still operating under the shadow of Becks previous blog post and it will take me a couple entries to get out of it. Whatever, I can still whoop his ass at cribbage....FACE!!!!

Feb 19 2007
El Corazon (All Ages) w/ The Oohlas
Seattle, Washington

Feb 20 2007
The Venue (All Ages) w/ The Oohlas
Boise, Idaho

Feb 21 2007
Kilby Court (ALL AGES) w/ The Oohlas
Salt Lake City, Utah

Feb 22 2007
Muse (ALL AGES) w/ The Oohlas
Provo, Utah

Feb 25 2007
The Clubhouse (ALL AGES) w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Tempe, Arizona

Feb 28 2007
The Knitting Factory (ALL AGES) Alterknit Lounge w/ The Oohlas
Los Angeles, California

Mar 1 2007
The Underground (ALL AGES) w/ The Oohlas
Roseville, California

Mar 2 2007
Beauty Bar (21+) w/ The Oohlas
San Diego, California

Mar 3 2007
Beauty Bar (21+) w/ The Oohlas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar 6 2007
Chain Reaction (ALL AGES) w/ The Oohlas
Anaheim, California