Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some day I will live at Universal Studios.... New Music Wednesday..... Have you met my best friend Charles Shaw Merlot?

You know when you have those phases where you are super burnt out on music and you just can't find anything that interests you (except for Lola Ray)? Well I just got out of that phase and have been really loving two things a lot.

Here is the first one. It is a French girl named Soko. I like to picture her working at Anthropologie at the mall and being all sweet, cheery and Amelie but inside she is scorning some wicked bitch who stole her man. Sometimes when she says "I'll kill her" it sounds like she is sneezing. I have watched Reality Bites forty times in the last month and for some reason this song reminds me of that movie, I thinks its a confessional Lisa Loeb vibe.

Now this little gem is new to me, from this morning, but I am already hells of in love with this hat man. He is David Ford.

There is nothing better in life than re discovering why you love music and finding songs that just remind you that music is not dead and boring and stale and boring and smelly and jelly and belly and old and fart.



sean said...

wow david ford is one talented dude.

saysamon said...

so excited for the new cd!

jeaux janovsky said...

hey Brian
I wanna ask you if you would be interested in composing a 30 second themesong to a cartoon I'll be producing soon, called Animal Sounds. it's like High Fidelity meets Empire records with a dash of Animal Crossing and clerks thrown in.
you can read more about it here:
you can reach me at
hope all is well, and that the road is treating you fellers good.
give my love to the boys.

Apple said...

I love your description of Soko.. made me laugh! Here's another song to try for size, if you like:

The song I recommend: Heartwarmer