Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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Things I want for Christmas
1.) My own episode of Intervention on A&E
2.) A horse with antlers (preferably real, but I will take glued or stapled)
3.) Egg Nog
4.) Del Taco and Egg Nog
5.) A robot, trained for killing, but built with human compassion

So, new songs have been coming FAST! John and I have been spending long hours in front of computers and microphones and we LOVE what has been coming out of both. The new stuff is much more like our first record. It is quirky and fun. We can't wait to be able to play it for everyone. 2008 will be spent looking for a suitable home for Lola Ray. A home that is built on digital love and the future of releasing records. We are excited to find this home in 2008, we think it will be an adventurous place with no lions and tigers.

Speaking of labels, I tried to post our video for "Automatic Girl" on our myspace page, but could not post it because it cannot be embedded. It cannot be embedded because it was posted by SONYBMG and they don't want people to steal their music videos. They are afraid people will steal music videos and then they will keep stealing music and next they will steal kittens and shoes. So, instead of posting our video, I found this incredible fan made video that is REALLY GOOD,

It says it was made by Amy Genders and Liz Cheesman. This was the best Christmas present I could ever get! I have said it before, but it really blows our minds when someone does something like this.

So go to www.myspace.com/lolaray and download "Customary Love" for FREE! Warm up by the fire with it. Make wax portraits of yourself with candles. Be safe in what is left of this crazy bastard called 2007!!


arlan said...

great to hear about the new music...i cant wait to hear it.

and that music video was awesome. two thumbs up, ladies.

and amy & liz too;-)

Katrina said...

I am so excited for the new music....I hope that means a tour as well, because I am dying to see you sexy manbeasts again!

I love intervention and if I could get you your own episode I would do that for you!

Love you boys!

Anonymous said...

customary love is amazing.
thanks for putting it up for download, guys!

caity said...

more entries. i have nothing else to read at 1:37 AM. i am sending you guys a protools transfer tomorrow via snail-mail! isn't that exciting?? you get to mess around with it and make our band sound cooler. well good job on new songs; i like what i have heard so far. and i can't wait till you guys come play again. miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I saw you guys almost 2 years ago, and have been eagerly awaiting new music. I just wanted to say: could you guys update your website a bit? Theres no news and no tour dates listed...