Friday, January 12, 2007

Frederick Beck....A hard hitting expose on Lola Ray drummer

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(This picture is fucking creepy but whatever)

Drummers are a rare breed, and by a rare breed I mean that they are usually total ass pains. In Lola Ray, however, we are lucky to have an enthusiastic and delicious skins man in the form of Frederick Beck. Beck, as he is known to his friend, is a quiet and shy man. I have decided to serve him with this hard hitting interview in an attempt to uncover the enigma, wrapped inside the mystery, sprinkled with the ginger, that is Mr. Frederick Beck...............

What's your favorite Lola Ray song?
Beautiful Boy, that song sold me.

What's your favorite song to play live?
What it feels like.

What is your favorite smell in the van?

Why is being in Lola Ray the greatest thing you have ever done with your life?
Because prior to joining I was turning tricks.

Who is your idol?
Iggy Pop. Or maybe Brian Spina.

Who is better at Call of Duty, you or John?
John is on another level when it comes to video games...his fingers are alive with such a preciscion hatred that it gives me nightmares.

Has the Lola Ray passion for Mexican food taken a toll on your insides yet?
You tell me, lover.

If you were a cookie what kind of cookie would you be?
Nutter butter. What?

If I gave you a shirt that read "Spina is my co-pilot" would you wear it?
Co-pilot? You guide ME.

Were you jealous the John and I went to Universal Studios without you and can now ride the movies for a year free with our new year round passes?
It almost made me quit the band. I want to ride everything...especially movies.

So that is my interview with Beck. You can catch him on tour with Lola Ray in February (he will be the one playing drums). Make sure to keep this page bookmarked for more information from the world of Lola Ray and the up to date news on all tours. Take care,


SolarHavok said...

Haha, nice interview, though I never thought John was good at video games, and I don't think I will until you guys come over to Dallas for a show and prove it to me. ;]

Dana said...

haha what a great interview :D
can't wait to hopefully see you guys in FL again!

Kaitlyn said...

I wonder if you could really market those "co-pilot" shirts. Maybe make up a few and try to see them on tour for personal profit.

Lindsay said...

That was a funny interview. Sorry to hear about James having left. I still need to buy Liars. Anyways, Imma bookmark y'all. Take care!

M said...

The new guy is hot.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

love it!