Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lola Ray Top 5 Album Picks

So it is a real slow day and I still don't have tour dates to post (they are being confirmed at this very moment) so I though I would post something that would showcase our musical tastes a little bit. Below are each of our Top 5 albums of all time. Our lists have changed countless times and they in no way represent the Best Albums of All Time....these are strictly personal favorite albums. Without further delay,


John Balicanta
FAILURE-Fantastic Planet
MINERAL-Power OF Failing
HUM-You'd Prefer An Astronaut
CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE-self titled "Stereo"

Brian Spina
MODEST MOUSE-The Lonesome Crowded West
FAILURE-Fantastic Planet
THE STREETS-Original Pirate Material

Frederick Beck
DEFTONES-Around the Fur
PINK FLOYD-Dark Side of The Moon
PANTERA- Far Beyond Driven

So those are our lists. Take them or leave them....mine is definately the best, altough it is in no way a competition. I also wanted to throw in this picture I found on myspace of this dude looking SO GOOD in our new Hoodies.
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NICE WORK and your reward is staying warm in the freezing over of California. The ICE AGE is coming back so get one of our low grade Hoodies today!


I am: said...

I kinda always had you pegged as a classic rock guy, Brian

kr!s said...
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kr!s said...

it is so cold in orange county... i definitely need to add another a hoodie to my collection.

you guys have great taste in music, by the way. i'm not just saying that to suck up either.

Sasha...duh said...

...The Streets are ace.
It's good to know someone agrees

( ^_^) dorky dana said...
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dana tan said...

haha you guys have good taste ;)

i ordered my hoodie already! haha i'm still waiting to get it in the mail though :D

SolarHavok said...

I'm gonna order one of those hoodies whenever I get a new paycheck; and when I do get one of those and you guys come down to Dallas (hint) for a show, I want autographs :]. On another note, your music tastes are great, but it's obvious Frederick's picks are the best. x]

joshcarroll said...

Brian, hope all is well. I remember on Saturdays at the Strand when we got to listen to music there was always "Pet Sounds" going on, so I'm happy to see it in your top 5. Let me know the next time you're in Minnesota. I'll come to your show and spray beer all over.