Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A week off from tour......I have watched Walk The Line on repeat for four days now!!!

Hey All-
So it is always a little disorienting when you have a week off from the road. This is the bizarre situation we find ourselves in now. We just finished the west coast tour and are getting ready to go tackle our more burly friends to the the south and east. This is how the vicious cycle goes, you are on tour and all you wanna do is get home, oblivious to the fact that you are having the time of your life on tour. The closer you get to finishing tour, van talk turns to friends you are gonna hang out with, food from home you are gonna eat, family you are gonna finally see again, etc. You get home and sit in bed and you can't fall asleep, you question if a week off was really what you wanted. On the one hand it is great, like a vacation, on the other hand it sucks because your job is already a vacation so it is like a vacation from a vacation which nullifies itself and just makes nothing, except for unparalleled levels of boredom. You get to see your friends again, but they just keep asking you when you are leaving again in hopes that they can return to doing nothing without you. You long to be in the van so bad that friends and family are forced to treat you like a dog or toddler and place you in their cars with the engine on, running you around the block so that you can finally get some sleep.

I usually spend my time off keeping myself busy with the more mundane elements of being in a band. I pay parking tickets, order new merch, and most importantly watch music related films over and over. It is like how they show Rambo on loop to young child warriors in far off countries to get them stoked on war and killing. I stay away from Almost Famous because that shit is just to obvious. I stay away from Spinal Tap because it just hits to close to home. Recently I have really honed in on Walk the Line and I am fucking hooked. I can't stop watching this shit. I skip the beginning when Cash's brother dies cause that part sucks but the rest of this movie is just the god dam best. The thing about Joaquin Phoenix as Cash is that he portrays exactly what every guy in every band wants to be. In particular, the scene where Cash plays in San Quentin to a bunch of rowdy convicts who just wanna rock and kick a whole bunch of ass.

This scene is fucking ridiculous, first Cash sticks it to the Warden and takes him down in front of his own prisoners (who will probably riot and kill him later), then he sings jams all about doing blow and shooting shit and getting arrested. The whole time his super fly chica is just watching him with a look that says, "god dam that might be the baddest mother that ever lived!" The prisoners are all in to it and they are creaming themselves like Jesus himself is pardoning them and Cash just sneers and in the back of his head is thinking "God dam I am going to make a shit ton of money of this live album." Seriously, this scene is my dream and if I ever die I just want heaven to be this scene on loop with me replacing Joaquin in the title role of "Official Bad Ass Mother Fucker."

I am Out!!!! I gotta go watch Dr. Phil, I think I am starting to lose it!


Lynn said...

Ah walk the line,good movie.Im watching that in school at the moment as part of religion class,the Catholic church is trying way too hard to get down with the kids these day's : )

dana tan said...

brian, you are so hilarious!
being home and on tour sounds great.
at least you are able to do both i suppose :)
walk the line is an amazing movie. that's so funny you don't watch almost famous. i wouldnt want to watch that either. i know almost every song in walk the line by heart. haha such a good movie :D
and that scene is one of my favorites too.
i can't wait to see you in tampa.
<3 dana

ollie tamale said...

god brian you make me die. you gotta post more dude. this shit is hizzle.

M said...

You trying to top my boyfriend? Pretty darn good shit!