Thursday, March 29, 2007

Has anyone ever told you look like Columbus, Ohio?

Today we played Columbus, OH and we were treated to spending our day with some of the coolest kids I have ever met. The show was so fun thanks to all of our new friends and here is the crazy part......everyone at this show was like ridiculously good looking. I was so blown away by ridiculously well dressed 18 year olds that I had to sit in a corner talking on the phone to my mom about my sad threads.
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She's on the line being all like "Dude, I told you your style was hella weak and now 18 year olds are making you look like a straight Skank!!"
And I'm all "Whatever mom's"

So here is one of these little style mavens in action...he is like a cherub of ruby cheeks and great hair.
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Luckily John was able to hold his own in the face of such stylish men and showed them how we do it...
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Speaking of good looking how the fuck did we make our way in to the RADDEST group photo of all time. Can anyone say THE FUTURE OF MUSIC!! Two bands, sunglasses inside, and Blender Banners! This might have to be my new desktop background...
oh wait I am using someone else's computer.....OK, now she just got a sweet new desktop background..
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So I don't know what the deal is with this movie 300, but if one more band guy tells me that I look like someone named Leonitus I am gonna rage on a mother. No matter how much I might look like a man named Leonitus there is no way I am going to go and see the molten swill that is 300. On a side note, how random is the resemblance between this random drawing in the bar we played tonight....
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and yours truly...
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That drawing is way Fugs! I kid you not, some guy told me today that I look like "Joaquin Phoenix with Hair." I was like "doesn't Joaquin have hair?" I don't want to get all technical here but I think he meant "You look like Joaquin Phoenix but like with crazy hair." Fuck that.


dana tan said...


i remember you telling me your brother looked like joaquin phoenix!

what's up with joaquin phoenix!?


Kaitlyn said...

Glad youguys had a good time in Columbus, I wish I could have been there! At least I made it out to the Cleveland show, it was really good to see you all. :)

The beard on the dude in the drawing can't hold a candle to yours, Brian.

agunbang said...

i loved you guys at the cleveland show. you fucking rocked hard core. i am making a slide with all my pictures.. some what soon. lol.
<3 ( i took so mant)

aly said...

Last night was defiantly an extremelly good show, and it was so much fun hanging out with you and your band. You guys are pretty neat. Come back soon!

David said...

The Daymon Day drawing is of Daymon, a great man who got killed in a accident. So every year in central ohio we have a parade in his honor.

That dude was MHA or Mega Hella Awesome.

Heres a myspace for the parade:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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