Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tour Antics ...........SLAYER!!!!............ Pirates of The Carribean was confusing

Hey All-
We just got home from our nice little jaunt with our special new friends Siren's Sister and Cavil At Rest. It was a big old band love session with all involved and I wish I had some crazy stories to tell you from tour, but sadly there are just no crazy stories to tell. We were fascinated to slowly learn that Siren's Sister have a hidden passion that rivals even their love of playing music........these dudes REALLY like swimming!! I don't mean swimming like "Hey, lets go back to the hotel after the show for a dip in the pool" I mean swimming like "Hey we found a great local swimming hole in Yakima, Washington and the water is like 38 degrees. Come for a swim with us before the show." It should come as no suprise that the Ray are pretty strongly opposed to the outdoors, but we did our best to keep up with these crazy earth children. We even went camping in Oregon for a night!!
The whole camping thing basically went like this........we got to the camp grounds at eleven at night and were greeted by the most beautiful sight I have seen in a long time. Our black van and trailer were silouetted by a bright full moon and a huge lake that we were parked next to, on a brisk summer night. We sat next to the lake for a good five minutes trying to muster up the words to capture the beauty and grandeur of nature in it's finest setting and then John said "This is pretty cool, I am gonna go play Halo in the van." It was perfect. I could not have agreed more.

This tour featured a lot of driving in the desert. The desert is really hot right now. We made a little movie to help everyone understand what it is like to tour in the desert during the summer time.

That movie is way trippy right? I have to go coat my acid tongue in milk for like ten minutes after that shit. I have so much more to write soon,


lep said...
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lep said...

Brian, that video was trippy beyond trippy. That has to be the weirdest vid since Pickle Surprise (if you've never seen that, stop reading and watch it now). Yes, Slayer! Pirates was confusing, and since when was there a Xbox in the van?

emily said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought Pirates was confusing.